Day Light to Date Night: Accessorizing Ath-Leisure

By now I’m sure you’re well aware of my firm belief that accessories can not only make an outfit, they can completely change it too! This past Saturday’s #ootd was a take on the ever present “ath-leisure” vibe that has been steamrolling its way from “trend” to “classic” ever since yoga pants and lululemon first entered the scene several years ago. Given the general female population’s affinity for loungewear, especially over the last few months, the ongoing trend does not seem to be making an exit anytime soon… and I LOVE IT! So, without further delay, let’s get to how we can achieve day-to-night comfort without losing our sense of style (or our wallets)!

SIDE NOTE: I’ve mentioned this on social media, but ICYMI — Justin and I are doing Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey, and since I’ve had the distinct pleasure of identifying as “The Spender” out of the two of us (what? nooo), you could say I’ve taken a great interest in styling new looks with “closet finds” lately. It’s actually been a lot of fun! No, really — wardrobe edits are actually a really enjoyable activity for me. I’m weird like that. So, for any items below that have sold out or been discontinued since my initial purchase, I have included links to similar products!


The two items below are the main clothing components I used in both looks — my accessorizing “canvas”, if you will. Aside from wearing leggings and workout tops (I cannot confirm or deny that I wore these in accordance with their proper function 100% of the time), basic loose-fitting joggers and tees have been a comfy option both during and after quarantine. I figured if I was going to practically live in them, then I might as well find them in pretty colors! The petal-pink hue of the joggers put a nice, feminine spin on a style that can, at times, come off bit more masculine when worn in darker colors, although that didn’t stop me from buying a pair in black too.


Whether lounging around the house or running a few errands in town, this daytime look combines elements of comfort, ath-leisure and a touch of feminine charm thanks to the rose gold and petal-pink hues. When I worked in the buying offices of Champs Sports a few years ago, I stocked up on several pairs of Adidas Superstars and Converse Chuck Taylors with my sweet discount — because if the shoe fits, buy them in every color, right? Well, I’m SO glad I did, because this particular pair of Shell Top Superstars pictured in rose gold appear to have since sold out — BUT fret not — I’ve found a similar shoe from Adidas and listed it below.


BONUS TIP: If your shoe size is a women’s 9 or smaller and the style is offered in both adult and youth sizes, then try on the youth size first — they are generally less expensive than the adult/women’s sizing for the same look! How will I know which size to try? I’m glad you asked! Youth styles are typically a size and a half smaller than your usual adult size. Example: if you’re normally a women’s size 8, then you would want to try a girls/youth 6.5!


There have been Saturdays when I’ve lounged around the house all day in, well… loungewear, and then out of nowhere Justin will ask me if I’d like to go out for dinner. Friend, I never turn down a date night, but the thought of having to pick out an outfit and primp from ground zero can make it hard to say yes sometimes. Luckily, with the daytime outfit above, all it takes is a simple shoe switch, the introduction of a lightweight denim jacket, a few more jewelry pieces and voila! You’ve got yourself a new look that dresses up your basics and has you out the door in record time. Each piece has its own unique appeal that complements the color story of the basic clothing pieces and stands out, all at once.



I actually purchased multiples of the mask below from Anthropologie at The Mall at UTC in Sarasota during my most recent visit to Florida. It is incredibly lightweight and much more breathable than the cotton/stretch masks I had purchased previously. It also has a thin wire sewn into the top that bends around your nose, similar to how single-use medical masks are designed (except this is definitely not single-use). Mine was $6 each in-store at Anthro, but you can get a Set of 5 with assorted prints for $26 via their website!

Set of 5 for $26 at


She is clothed with strength and dignity,

    and she laughs without fear of the future.

Proverbs 31:25

In keeping with the theme of my previous post and post-quarantine clothing trends, I just felt like the above verse was all kinds of perfect and so applicable to this “new normal” we are currently living out. I think many of us can attest to having attributed the donning of sweat pants with being binge-watching couch potatoes, or as the attire of choice on those days when we just can’t. Hopefully, my two looks above have convinced you that it actually IS possible to rock comfy jogger sweat pants AND some of your favorite accessories; but more importantly, confident attributes like strength and dignity while facing this crazy world in your loungewear.

Look, sometimes we just need to feel a bit of comfort in seasons of uncertainty — oh hey, sweat pants. Sometimes we just want to feel normal and pretty again — cue accessories and makeup. So, like the outfits above, why not have it both ways? What if we decide that it IS possible to be a masterpiece AND a work in progress simultaneously? When we accept who we are in this season and and trust the plans God has for us, then we can truly be clothed in strength and dignity. If I was to re-write Proverbs 31:25 with an emphasis on the year 2020, it might look a little something like this:

“She is clothed with stretchy pants and accessories, and she laughs without fear of _______________.


murder hornets.

hurricane season.

her finances.

her search for a job.

the future of her family.

what people think of her.”

Another scripture that I have always felt is one of the most encouraging in the Bible is Romans 8:38-39; however, many times I have overlooked verse 37 just before it, and it is equally profound. It reads, “But in all these things, we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.” When we are clothed in strength and dignity AND the love of Christ with complete confidence in His sovereign and conquering power — THAT, my friend, is how we can laugh without fear of the future. THAT is how we can achieve comfort and contentment in who we are in this season, no matter if you’re in sweat pants or skinny jeans. When we acknowledge where our Hope is found, we can face our future with comfort and confidence; strength and dignity.


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